leroux sacha

Years of experience: 18
Position: CEO/Title Officer


Years of experience: 5
Position: Office Manager

​​Bresalier Andrew s.

Years of experience: 16
Position: Attorney / MBA     Real Estate E2-VISA Living Trust / Closings / Litigation

Clifford Deborah

Years of experience: 12
Position: 1031 Exchange

About Us

larisa elisya

Years of experience: 11
Pos: Contract / Title examiner​


Years of experience: 11
Position: Business Attorney

We strongly support The Memorial Cancer Foundation.
Here is the list of  our workforce team partners:

Samantha werner

Years of experience: 5
Position: Attorney

mark buhring​

Years of experiences: 20​

Position: french CPA US and Canada

ortis michael

Years of experience: 10
Pos: Title Policy / Commitment​

Paterson lisa

Years of experience: 5
Position: Wills / Estate planner

Precision Title Services works with attorneys and partners that have more than 18 years of Experiences.  We have two closing rooms to better serve you. Sometime parties dont attend the same closing room for many emotive reasons. We care, and anticipate these unique moments of your life. For the benefit of a perfect and unforgettable  new home real estate transaction.

What is a Closing? Title officer and attorney will prepare all closing documents, perform liens and title search, write the owner and lenders policy and disburse. At Closing, no stress or last minute surprises should never come. All preparation work should be done 2 weeks prior to close.  We take care of all affidavits, addendums directly with the Buyer and Seller. This is our recipe.  Ask us why as a Seller, you should have an different Title agency been chosen by the Buyer.