​WILL: This is the last Will & Testament: This document will allow an owner to leave any assets or property they own in the State of Florida. The rules regarding probating a will in the State of Florida are very stringent and require quite a bit of work after the owner has passed. Although they are quite inexpensive initially, they require submission to probate after the person has passed, which tends to be quite costly. Cost: Simple Will $ 500.00,  Formal Will $ 750-$950.00 

TRUST: This document is an alternative to a Last Will & Testament and can be prepared to accomplish the same thing as a will. This document has many advantages. The owner of the Trust has the option to make this document revocable or irrevocable. There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of Trust. Although costly initially, they do not require probate and ultimately save the settlor more in the long run. Trust: $ 1,200.00- $1,500.00

INCAPACITY OF OWNER. POA:  This document can be used by the buyer to authorize another to act in their time of incapacity or unavailability. This document must be signed and notarized. There are two (2) types of POA a limited and General. The limited may be used for specific acts, for instance the management or transfer of one (1) property. Whereas the general POA may be used continuously and can be written to cover multiple acts or transactions.  Cost: Limited $750.00,  General $ 1,500.00

PETITION FOR INCAPACITY: If the owner has already been determined to be incapacitated and no Power of Attorney is on file, a Petition to determine capacity must be filed with the Courts by a legal guardian or family member to have the owner declared incapacitated. Then and only then can the family member dispose, manage, transfer or handle the affairs of the person declared incapacitated. This process involves securing medical professionals to provide expert medical testimony that the party is incapacitated.  Cost: $ 2,000.00 + cost and expert fees.

CO-OWNERS : Incorporation. The establishment of a corporation. This involves setting up the corporation and securing a tax ID number and providing the documents needed to establish a corporate bank account. Cost: $ 500.00 + cost

PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT AND INCORPORATION: This would provide for the establishment of the Corporation, securing a tax ID, securing all documents needed to establish a corporate identify and bank account, preparation of a partnership agreement to be used in a joint venture, which outlines the responsibilities, rights, duties and ownership of the parties. Cost: $ 1,200.00 + cost.

PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT, INCORPORATION : all partnership assets compilation, distribution agreement, assets certificates and required annual minutes. Cost $ 2,000.00

COMPLETE REAL ESTATE REPRESENTATION : Contract review, formation and changes, review of title report with recommendations and summary report, review all closing documents prior to closing, provide electronic access to attorney, without limit and assist in clearance of title issues. Cost: $ 1,500.00


PROBATE : Preparation of necessary document to avoid probate. Cost: $ 375 -$650.00 per property. Court Probate $1800.00 plus fees

FOREIGN NATIONALS AVOIDING US PROBATE: If there is a probate proceeding or foreign will being probated or submitted outside of the US, a summary proceeding for property located in Florida can be petitioned to pass in accordance with the foreign will. Cost: $ 2,500.00

REGISTERED NOTICES : to other parties involved in the closing. (If party has retained the services of the firm for any of the services listed above, except 3a, 5a, 9-13, this service is free.)

-TO HOA CEASE & DESIST LETTER for delay in closing estoppel
-TO SELLER/BUYER or other party to the contract, for breach of contract
Cost $ 75.00


$0-$100,000  $5.75 per Thousand     
$100,001-$1,000,000 $5.00 per 1000        
Settlement/Closing Fee            $600.00
Lender's Policy (simult. issue) $250.00    


Florida Form 9 Endorsement 10% of
Title insurance
Additional Endorsements        $25.00 each

SHORT SALE : Most closing cost are assume by the seller's servicer

SELLER'S COSTS                                                                                      
Settlement/Closing Fee           $600.00                                                
Municipal Lien and/or Estoppel Letters   $100 to $250
Wire/Courier Fee                       $15.00 to  $40.00    

Document Tax on Deed *         $.007 x sale
Mortgage Doc.Stamp Tax        $.0035 x sale
Record Satisfaction of             $10.00 each
Intangible Tax                           $.002 x sales price 

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