Products & Services include in all Closing cost

1.Preliminary Certificate of Title Insurance (Title Reports):

-Full Abstract
-Schedule A Legal Description
-Schedule B, Itemized Exceptions to Title
-Tax Searches
-Survey Order, Survey Locate, Survey Inspections
-Name Searches (judgments and federal tax liens)
-Mechanics' Liens Searches
-UCC Financing Statement Searches
-Bankruptcy Searches (individual and corporate)

2.Municipal Searches as Required by Lender:

-Housing and Building Violations Searches
-Certificate of Occupancy Searches
-Fire Department Violations Searches
-Street Searches
-Flood Hazard Certification
-Hazardous Materials Searches

3.Title Insurance Policies Issued:

-Fee (Owner) Policies
-Loan (Mortgage) Policies
-Modification, Extension and Assignment Policies
-Leasehold Policies
-Building Loan Policies (with five free run-downs)
-Subordinate Mortgage Policies (Limited Liability)
-TIRSA Foreclosure Guarantees
-TIRSA Owners Extended Protection Policy (residential only)
-ALTA-Approved Endorsements - Including High Risk Endorsements
Cooperative Leasehold Insurance Policies (Fee and Mortgage)

4.Post Closing Services:

-Three-Day Rescission Run-downs
-Real Estate Taxes, Water and Sewer Pay-off Services
-Mortgage Pay-off Services
-Judgment Pay-off Services
-Public Record Correction Assistance
-Prompt, Reliable Recording/Filing
-Policy Endorsement with Recording Information
-Escrow Services for Pay-off Related Documents

The excellent services we provide, start immediately after receiving your executed contract. We dont wait, trying to save some money just in case!. We workout Liens & Title search, Survey, Inspections and all Encumbrances that can occurs, in your real estate transaction.  The ultimate objective is to close your transaction, without any of your help or phone calls. You can work your next transaction.

We resolve rapidly and with efficacy with your clients, appraisers, contractors, court clerks, HOA, mortgagers numerous of unpredictable problems than can occur before a Closing.

We work directly with all parties involve

You have immediate access to our staff of attorneys. You always get fast, friendly and courteous service.

You benefit from our computer system. All Precision Title Services Agency uses state-of-the-art custom computer software designed specifically for processing your transaction. Our staff has instant access to information pertaining to the status of your files. It prints your reports and policies faster. It even prompts us when action is due, so everything is always on time.

you worked hard for your money, time to payoff.

Since 1994, Our workforce team partner closed over 6000 Real Estate transactions in South Florida. Attorney supervised, (PA), and a para legal technician supervises the legality of all transactions.  We finally discovered 10 years ago, that it's not the quantity, but quality of our services that guarantee the success of our closing with all parties involved in a transaction.

You need a detail-oriented title agency. Every little thing must be correct. That is why we pay scrupulous attention to all the details, over and over again. You want everything done right the first time, and so do we.

You can delegate to us and relax.

You need a title company that listens. We listen to you so we know what you want, when and how you want it! We welcome your suggestions and act upon them so we can always improve and compatibility to work with you!
We are ready to help you and would appreciate an opportunity to learn more about your requirements, to earn your confidence, and to establish an enduring business personalized relationship.

You benefit from our experienced title staff. Every member of Precision Title Services team is trained and experienced to handle all aspects of your needs.
You always receive by email, where we are with your closing. Step by step.